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K9Coach for your dog’s problems in the comfort of your home or at one of our group classes

Dog Behaviour specialist Melbourne in home training for dogs with issues  puppies and juveniles.

Dog training melbourne for dogs with issues

Fun in the park always good for socialisation of dogs to humans and other dogs!

We fix dogs with issues and problem dogs. Fast results. Tailor made solutions. Gentle methods and better connection with your dog(s) for a happier family.

Guaranteed results

  • All ages
  • All breeds
  • All problems
  • Dog Training in your home or in our classroom

Our dog training solution is tailored to your needs, your environment and your individual dog.

Help! – My dog doesn’t listen to me!
See our In-home training

Help! – My new puppy is taking over!
See our In-Home Puppy Training

Help! – My puppy is becoming naughty!
See our Puppy Training Classes

Help! – My young dog needs to learn some manners! See our Juvenile Classes

We specialise in helping you connect with your dog in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, using only positive reinforcement methods. Our dog training system is easy for you to continue implementing on your own – and your dog will be happy to follow you – long after we’ve gone.

In our dog training you will gain a stronger connection with your dog. Your dog works with us, rather than for us; we lead, rather than be led – – we show the way, rather than follow. No chokers. No harsh methods.

About US

K9Coach specialist gentle dog training to help and guide handlers overcome their dog’s behaviour – big or small (dogs or issues!). Guaranteed results- In your home or in our group class

In-Home Training

In-Home Training for puppies and dogs with issues! We come to you in the comfort of your home and your family. Guidance connecting with your dog and focusing on your needs. Effective, efficient, results!

Training Courses

K9Coach offers Puppy Classes and Juvenile Classes – small groups, undercover, year-round, reward based training with results and fun. For well-rounded puppies and Juveniles.

K9 Coach Shop

Locally made Australian products that offer comfort, durability & safety for the dog & handler. Our training products are of the highest quality & standards ensuring positive learning & communication.