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by Hans van Heesbeen
Telling a dog to stop jumping, yelling at it, pushing it down, are all actions which in the dog’s world are reinforcing the behaviour so the dog thinks their actions are OK. Those actions are looking, talking, touching.

The answer is to use non-verbal communication.

My dog keeps jumping

Don’t talk, look or touch

1. Do NOT look at THE DOG; look up or in the opposite direction
2. Do NOT talk to the dog, silence is golden
3. No touching the dog; cross arms over the chest
4. Hold this stance until the dog stops

Handling the dog in this way gives the message that the behaviour is unacceptable. Acknowledge the dog when the jumping stops. This method is very effective. By doing this every time the dog jumps, the dog learns that sitting, rather than jumping gets the reaction the dog was looking for all the time – acknowledgement!

I ponder why people select a harness for their dog, when they are already pulling?? Historically, dogs were used for pulling and tracking so pulling is a natural trait, in some breeds where harnesses were readily used.

Imagine a bull – where is the strength?  The obvious answer would be neck and fore chest.  So any harness fitted to bull, regardless of type, is always going to help with pulling. [click to continue…]

As a trainer of dog trainers and people with dogs I am frequently asked what the best sized group is for a puppy class or for an obedience class.
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Separation Anxiety is a serious disorder that must not be ignored. Watch this presentation

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Dogs can do untold damage

The damage caused by a dog with separation anxiety trying to get out so as to return to the owner