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Group Class Training

bookingsThat cute little cuddly doggy who joined the family a few months ago is showing signs of becoming a monster! You need a class for juvenile dogs between 18 weeks to 12 months old. At K9Coach Group Class Training  dogs will learn some obedience, expand social skills, or to catch up on the puppy class that was missed.


Traditionally puppy classes are for dogs from 8 to 16 weeks and obedience classes normally take dogs over 6 months old. So where do I go in between? Need something now, as the dog is a handful, you have no connection, a dog with limited social skills?

Try the Juvenile Group class training Social Obedience run by K9Coach (who has also been running weekly puppy classes for many years). Our classes are small & informal and have a strong focus on good social skills in young dogs. They are held weekly on set days/times.

Juvenile Social Obedience Classes run by K9Coach Your dog needs some basic social skills [isn’t dog or people aggressive] and is required to have full and current C5 immunisation, council registration and use of the right training equipment. This course is not recommended for dogs displaying antisocial tendencies and if unsure, we may need to do a suitability evaluation if your dog is really out of control, except if you are referred and verified by your Vet. Suitability evaluations may incur some extra costs.

The course is fun and builds on your young dog’s desire to play and learn as it develops. Shy dogs will get more confidence and the boisterous ones will learn some control. The full course runs continuously and dogs may attend as many classes as needed. Come for a single visit or multiple sessions, whatever suits as this is an added challenge for your dog.

To maximise learning we recommend on handler per dog and one assistant. Children of 10 years and over are welcome. No more than 2 people per dog. We even help children that are uncomfortable with dogs to feel safe when interacting.

Make your booking here, as numbers are limited, and now is the time that you need that training. Undercover, well-lit premises for year around Juvenile dog training classes.

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