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In Home Dog Training Melbourne

In-home socialisation!

In home dog training allows the trainer to see the dog behaviour in its own environment.

Showing members of the family how to train their dog so as to eliminate the dog’s behavioural problems. This is done in your home in a relaxed, natural and realistic environment. We will identify why your dog behaves the way it does and we will evaluate the challenges and problems. We tailor a dog training program to suit the needs of the family including the dog – and complete the coaching to better connect with the dog and get on top of things. If we need several sessions, they would be at least a fortnight apart giving you as much time as necessary to implement the plans and action required.

In home dog training has the following advantages:

  • Do the dog training when it suits you – weekdays or weekends – In Home
  • Tailored dog training programme to you and your dog’s needs
  • At your home, a more realistic and relaxing dog training environment
  • Family and all those involved with the dog present for the first session brings consistency in training the dog
  • Focused, cost efficient and cost effective dog training that works and enhances the connection with your dog to obtain the desired outcomes


In home dog training is charged by the session and the cost varies if on a weekday or the weekend and includes some travel expense depending on distance to travel. However, you can be sure it will be money well spent for the session that lasts up to two hours. Whilst we can do most things in 2 sessions, it is the rare exception to do a 3rd session.  This mainly happens in severe cases of aggression or separation anxiety.

All appointments are quoted and agreed in advance, so no surprises!

To find out more about the type of cases we handle, please review some of the online testimonials.

Contact us now to help you with your doggy problems. You will be enjoying a better connection and relationship with the dog, your family and friends and neighbours.

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